Bamboo Floor Installation Melbourne

Bamboo is a flooring option that is well worth exploring. Not only is it pest free and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s a natural renewable resource with many uses. As a Melbourne bamboo floor specialist, we provide the most comprehensive bamboo floor installation Melbourne has to offer, and we’re more than happy to help you make bamboo flooring a centrepiece of your property. There are no shortcuts or “cheap” options when we install a bamboo floor. We only use premium quality adhesives, moisture barriers and underlays for a durable bamboo floor that looks great. We prefer all installation work to be done in-house in order to maintain our high standard of quality and service.

A simple install process with fantastic results

The installation options available for bamboo are a choice between a direct stick method and a floating floor system. This simply means the bamboo planks can either be stuck directly to the subfloor with glue, or it can float on top without any attachment to the subfloor itself. When the correct subfloor is accessible, your bamboo floors can be ready and installed over existing concrete slabs, tiling, plywood, timber or any other sturdy surface. The pre-finished, scratch-resistant bamboo flooring can be installed instantaneously, without overpowering smells or emissions, so there’s no need to vacate the property. And once your bamboo timber flooring has been installed, you can walk on it on the very same day!

A flooring investment for life

Bamboo has long been a top flooring material of choice for home and property owners around the world. A natural and renewable flooring product, it produces many of the same advantages as a high-quality hardwood floor. Impressively durable, easy to maintain, and exceptionally stylish, it can add a touch of elegance to any home or office. It features a solid strand woven construction, which means it can be professionally sanded numerous times when revitalisation is needed. Typically this will be done every 10 to 15 years or so, making your bamboo floor an investment that will be with you for life. Therefore, it presents an affordable and extremely popular alternative to traditional tongue and groove solid timber flooring.

Book your bamboo floor installation

Your satisfaction is always our highest priority at In Vogue. Whenever we install bamboo flooring, we make sure that everything is in accordance with the highest professional standards. Like a lot of raw materials, bamboo can vary in value, and if the first rate product is not utilised, you may find yourself having to replace it only a couple of years later. If you’re looking for longevity and reliability, take advantage of our expertise to aid you in selecting the leading bamboo sources. Don’t take the chance with low-grade bamboo which can affect the look and condition of your floor, call our friendly team at In Vogue now and get the quality bamboo floor installation Melbourne properties deserve.



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