Engineered Timber Floor Installation Melbourne

When you want to inject class and warmth into your home, engineered timber flooring is an excellent choice. Engineered timber flooring is created by compressing multiple layers of real wood, improving the structure so it can handle all kinds of changes in heat and humidity, miles above regular hardwood floors. At In Vogue, we strive to provide quality service and advice when you’re looking for professional engineered floor installation Melbourne. We not only aid you in selecting the appropriate timber polish to give your floors an excellent finish, but our level of craftsmanship throughout every stage of the installation will also leave your home almost unrecognisable. For engineered floor installation Melbourne property owners count on, choose the experts at In Vogue.

Advantages to Installing Engineered Timber

There are many reasons why we’re seeing more of engineered timber flooring Melbourne wide. For example, the top layer can be easily refinished or sanded down to give the appearance and feel of real solid wood floors. The plywood base adds increased plank stability and can generally be laid over an underlay without attachment to the sub-floor. Each board securely connects, minimising any gaps in the wood and giving a beautiful, cohesive appearance. Engineered timber floors can also be confidently installed in a broader range of areas including over underfloor heating, which would cause problems with solid wood, and it’s beneficial for areas where changing temperatures and humidity would cause wood to expand and contract.

Installation Process For Engineered Timber Floors

The installation process for engineered timber flooring Melbourne is no different from solid wood when using the glue or secret nail methods. Engineered timber floorboards are also equipped with a click mechanism that locks them together and allows them to “float” over the underlay. If you’re having the engineered timber installed in an apartment, we advise you to install the floorboards over an acoustic membrane to reduce noise. Engineered flooring can be walked on just two days after being freshly installed, and can be laid on any stable surface including tiles, chipboard, existing timber or concrete. There is no need to air out the room after installation because there’s no noxious odour or dust produced in the process.

Experts in Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne

After many years in the industry, we understand just how costly and stressful the home renovation process can be. So no matter what your preference or timeframe, the In Vogue team will work tirelessly to make sure that you’re satisfied with your new timber flooring. We’re dedicated to producing an outstanding experience for all our customers, using the very best engineered timber products for your project, the best methods of installation and the very best team to do it. If you’d like to know more about us or our services, request a callback from one of our expert team members who can guide you through the process of installing the floors you’ve always wanted.



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