Simplicity and ease with Laminate Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne

If you need an affordable floor surface with the appeal of timber, consider laminate flooring. Laminate floorboards are made up of solid fiberboard, sandwiched between laminate layers. These are not only created to last, but these boards are also made to replicate the aesthetics of timber, so much so that once the boards are installed, it’s hard to tell the difference. So if you need to stay within your budget but don’t want to compromise on design aesthetics, discover the laminate flooring solutions available to you at In Vogue.

Durable, dense and built to last

Not only are there a huge variety of colours to choose from, but the makeup of laminate timber flooring also makes it incredibly durable. The dense composition of floorboards makes it impenetrable to water, stains, dirt and grime, meaning they’re hard to mark, easy to clean and recommended for households susceptible to allergies. All these advantages make laminate appropriate for high traffic areas such as living and dining rooms and even bathrooms.

Installation of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is so quick and easy to install, you can walk on it right away with no mess and no fuss. As a floating floorboard, laminate timber flooring can easily be installed over flat foundations such as concrete or timber. Thanks to its interlocking system, there’s no need for glue. Just seal the edges with wax to make sure your floor is water resistant. With such an easy installation process, it’s possible for the In Vogue team to transform your floors in just one day.

Low maintenance, beautiful floors by In Vogue

In Vogue is proud to provide this tough, sturdy and cost effective flooring solution that also looks great. We install a huge array of unique styles, colours and finishes, which means you can install the option that will help you to achieve your desired look. Our staff is trained to the highest standard and we’re always applying best industry practice in every flooring project, backed with a workmanship warranty. Call us at In Vogue today to experience a hassle-free and high quality floor service.



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