Parquetry Flooring Installation Melbourne

If you’re looking for a floor design that is both versatile and allows you to unleash your creative flair, then you’re in the market for the beautiful parquetry flooring Melbourne is currently loving. It’s a favourite among homes and offices that crave the warmth of timber but want a touch of charisma and creativity. If you want a particular room to really “pop”, or wish to have a specific geometric pattern throughout your property, then you need In Vogue parquetry flooring installation Melbourne. Whether you would like to have all your main rooms with parquetry flooring, just a few or one particular room with parquetry as the main feature, the installation team at In Vogue is here to help you bring your vision to life.

Choose your parquetry flooring style

We offer a variety of geometric arrangements for parquetry flooring. These styles include chevron, basket weave, squares, herringbone or double herringbone, brick pattern, bordering and even custom designs to create a one of a kind parquetry flooring installation Melbourne. Perhaps the most popular type of parquet pattern is the herringbone. This simple pattern alone comes in several variations like single, double or diagonal herringbone. We’re always delighted to help you pick your design, colours and finish, to make sure you get the best out of your parquetry flooring. We understand that a parquet floor is a long-term commitment, which is why we’re happy to help you make a decision that you will still be happy with after a decade or two.

Our parquet installation process

There are many benefits to choosing parquetry flooring, including how simple it can be to install. It can even be established over your original flooring, concrete or another dry surface. The boards are glued down to the subfloor, with no need for hammering. Before we begin the installation process, we first need to make sure that the surface of the subfloor has no greater deformation, as optimal parquet flooring installation requires a surface that is well-levelled. Once a dry and level floor has been achieved, the next step is the gluing down of blocks and sanding of the wood down the grain, following your chosen design. This is a task that needs a light touch and great care and is best left to the experts here at In Vogue.

Choose In Vogue for parquetry flooring Melbourne

Here at In Vogue, we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of workmanship and customer-focused service, as our top priority is always client satisfaction. With our strict attention to detail, quality materials and experienced installation skills, you can rest in complete confidence when you leave your parquetry flooring Melbourne in our capable hands. Whether your flooring project is domestic or commercial, we can offer the complete installation, polishing and staining services. We welcome your enquiry and would be delighted to spend time with you discussing your parquetry flooring needs and design ideas.



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