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There is no doubt that wood floors look great, but they do require a significant amount of upkeep to ensure they continue to look their best as the years pass by. Here at In Vogue, we’re experienced in handling all manner of timber floor repairs that includes structural and cosmetic timber floor restoration Melbourne property owners encounter. We can offer timber flooring repairs and restoration services to tongue and groove flooring as well as softwood and hardwood floors, as well as sand, stain and tint timber as required. Our flooring experts can source and match almost any timber to create a uniform finish for your floors.

For all timber floor repairs Melbourne wide

No matter how careful you may be with them, all floors will eventually age and deteriorate, which is why timber floor restoration Melbourne is a must. A multitude of things can cause permanent damage your hardwood flooring, for example, dropping a piece of furniture may cause a huge dent. Ageing floorboards may become split or cracked over time. Changes in weather, as well as flooding, may result in the floorboards warping. Even pets can cause unsightly scratches on your flooring. Whatever type of damage has occurred, there’s no need to worry, as we have many years of experience in all aspects of timber floor repairs Melbourne property owners throw at us. Our craftsmen are adept at any type of repair.

Our flooring repair and restoration process

Timber flooring repairs require specialised knowledge and strict attention to detail to ensure the correct finish is achieved. We take the time to study and evaluate just how much rehabilitation will be needed to restore your timber flooring and bring it back to its former glory. Our flooring experts scrutinise the crucial repair issues to ensure the best treatment for your floors. We can even source replacement timber boards to match your floor colour, type and style as close as possible. We only use quality floor sanding tools and equipment and are experienced in handling all types of flooring and finishes. We pride ourselves on our professional level of timber floor repairs Melbourne, and our talented engineers inspire the competition.

Your floor is in safe hands at In Vogue

Before we commence any repair or restoration work on your floors, we always take the time to work with you to fully understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve. In doing so, we ensure that we can meet or even exceed your expectations. All aspects of the pricing will also be discussed, and we’ll outline all expenses before we begin. Unfortunately, there will always come a time when timber floor repairs are not enough and give way to the need for complete restoration. When this happens, we’re here to provide you with a cost-effective and top-rate service to make your floors look brand new again. Call now to learn how Brad and the team can help you.



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